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Die Cutters

Die Cutting Systems

With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of rotary die cutters, Nippon Tungsten prides itself on providing our customers with the highest possible knife edge life between required service. We specialize in designs involving common-edge/jointed pattern designs and provide the capability of a carbide cutter and anvil configuration that provides up to 150 million rotations before requiring regrinding service.
Die Cutter Blade Life

Increased Tool Life

Innovations made in tungsten carbide powder mixing and strict quality controls have allowed Nippon Tungsten to provide carbide products stronger and harder than other providers. On average, Nippon Tungsten carbide die cutters can expect a 10 year tool life with proper care and maintenance. This advantage when compared to traditional steel cutters as well as the increased delay between regrindings is what makes Nippon Tungsten dies stand out as a quality product that will provide years of consistent performance at high speeds.

Technical Support

Nippon Tungsten USA is devoted to ensuring all of your cutting systems operate with no issue. This extends beyond the initial installation and continues throughout the life of the equipment. If there is ever a problem with your cutting system, Nippon Tungsten USA is available to dispatch a qualified technician to provide on-site technical support and assistance.

Decreased Waste

Nippon Tungsten prides itself on its ability to provide solutions sensitive to the need to conserve raw material during the production process. As a result of this we specialize in providing reliable rotary die cutters that utilize a common-edge/jointed pattern. The design allows for cut items to be separated from the raw material more easily and provide for zero trim material between the two patterns. This ultimately results in less waste material being generated with each passing cut.

Customer Service

We are determined to ensure any problem or concern is addressed with our customers as soon as it arises. Our dedicated staff will stop at nothing to ensure that any situation is resolved to your satisfaction and invite customer comments and concerns throughout every step of the production process. Nippon Tungsten USA would be honored to have the opportunity to demonstrate our products and quality of service to you. Please click below to contact us.

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