• OD Grinding
    OD Grinding
    Our process for cylindrical grinding begins with a coarse outer diameter grind and is followed by a second, finish grind. This allows Nippon Tungsten USA to grind the anvil or cutter to a 0.1 – 0.2 Ra mirror finish and the ability to customize cutter overhang
  • CNC Profile Grinding
    CNC Profile Grinding
    When regrinding a cutter, Nippon Tungsten utilizes our state of the art CNC profile grinder to sharpen the blades based on our customers’ designs. We are capable of sharpening 90 and 60 degree angles to an accurate blade landing of only 0.075mm.
  • Manual Filing
    Manual Filing
    Only Nippon Tungsten is able to provide our customers with a consistent blade landing to specification. We provide thicknesses of 10 – 40 microns and a tolerance of ±25 micron. This allows for a much cleaner cut and improves the life of your carbide cutter.
  • Shipping
    Nippon Tungsten USA ensures the safe and timely delivery of your equipment back to your plant. It is sealed in an airtight rust prevention bag and packaged to prevent potential damage during shipping. For international orders, we apply silicone grease for additional protection.

Nippon Tungsten USA offers a wide range of services for rotary die cutters and anvils. For existing products we provide services like: State-of-the-Art Machine Grinding, Manual Filing, Available Expedited Service, Comprehensive Record Keeping, Global Technical Support, and Unit Maintenance including the replacement of unit parts and cleaning.

Regrind Process:

As soon as your equipment arrives, it is subjected to careful inspection by one of our qualified technicians. This inspection allows us to identify any pressing issues that may need addressed immediately or in the future before work begins. Once the inspection is complete and pictures are taken, the following steps are taking to complete the regrinding process:

  • Disassembly (for Units)
  • Individual Part Cleaning
  • Cylindrical Grind
  • Machining Center
  • Manual Filing
  • Rust Prevention and Packaging
  • Shipping

As a premium provider of resharpening services Nippon Tungsten’s support does not end after your equipment leaves our facility. We provide detailed, customized record keeping of each regrinding we complete. These inspection records can be tailored to fit our customer’s needs and can be provided in both digital and paper formats upon customer request.

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